Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Monday Hello James

Quickly breaking it down for you today. 

Monday we took a trip to Ikea and hung with my mom. 

Tuesday we hit the playground, did all of our housework/cooking/baking, and then James and I hit the lovely Colorado Blvd to do some serious (and I mean SERIOUS) shopping damage. We had lunch there and had a blast exploring our beautiful city. 

Wednesday it rained so James and I hit the playground first thing while it was still dry and then spent the rest of the day playing inside and watching movies. When my husband got off work he brought home some fun redbox movies for us all to enjoy. 

Thursday James and I spent the day hanging out at my parents house. 

Friday we went to the annual Harvest Festival with my mom and sister and dad and grandparents and had a blast. I'm planning for a separate post on that one. At night we came home and had a family water balloon fight with daddy. 

Saturday we checked out the Pasadena Art Walk with our good friends and it was amazing. So fun. Another post on that one coming soon too. 

Sunday we had church and I volunteered in the nursery which was really fun. 

We had an amazing week! 

Hello to declaring a day "TREAT YO SELF DAY" and doing a crazy amount of shopping. 

Hello to this little loon. My husband taught him how to put his shirt on top of his head and he ran around the house like this for hours. 

Hello to- I don't even know! But it's cute.


Hello to homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Recipe coming soon. 

Hello to homemade Mac and cheese. Recipe not coming soon. But I should seriously blog it at some point because it is the best thing you'll ever eat in your life. And I always end up making WAY too much. 

Hello to a fun art and food festival with friends. 

Hello to a perfect Saturday night. Cuddles with my little boo. 

I kind of sucked at taking photos this week. Oh well, there's always next week! Happy Monday!


  1. I have really been wanting to go to a Harvest Festival or Pumpkin Patch or something like that this year. Can't wait to hear more about it!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. You are always making the yummiest food! I think I would be 400lbs by now! Haha but yes, please pass on the mac & cheese recipe! P.S. Your hair is perfection in the last pic!!