Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Monday Hello James

First and foremost I want to wish my husband a very happy birthday! He turns 26 years young today! I woke up early at 5:30am to make him his favorite breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with an ungodly amount of whipped cream. James isn't used to the time change so he got up that early too. No such luck in me going back to bed..

Sadly he has to work but James and I headed out to his job site to surprise him with his favorite pancake chocolate chip cookies. I call them that because they are paper thin and amazing! 

We also made a pit stop for balloons because James insisted that daddy needed some. I think they're secretly for James. 

When he gets home we'll open presents and eat this cake I made him-

Turned out pretty good right?! My husband is the most generous, giving, and kind guy. He really is. Plus he's smoking hot, super funny, and provides for us like no other. I am so blessed to be his wife. 

So! Happy birthday Derek and happy Monday to all of you! Here's what last week looked like for us- 

Last Monday we spent the day with my mom and went to Chuck E Cheese. James keeps seeing commercials for it and has been begging me to go. He says- "Baby, go Chuck CHEEEESSSEE!" How could I resist that? We had a blast. It rained too so it was the perfect indoor activity. 

On Tuesday one of my friends and her daughter came over so the kids could have a play date and we could chat. Then we ventured out and had lunch at my new favorite spot- Lemonade. If you're in CA, check them out!!! It's super healthy and affordable food with tons of vegetarian options for me. A cute little trendy place! 

Wednesday I got all my house work done, did a bunch of baking and cooking and we went to the playground. 

Thursday I took James to the LA Zoo during the day in a Halloween appropriate outfit and we had a blast! Then we came home, suited up in kid costume, and got ready for Halloween! My mom and sister came over for dinner and then we took James trick or treating. 

Friday we spent the day at Chuck E Cheese and then at night my parents watched James while Derek and I got a double date with my bestie from high school and her husband. We went out for dinner and then saw Bad Grandpa. It was pretty hilarious. Stupid hilarious but I laughed so hard my insides hurt. 

Saturday Derek went skateboarding so James and I had a morning breakfast date at Starbucks and then spent the day shopping. I did some cooking and got all my grocery shopping and errands done.

Sunday we spent the day at church and I volunteered in the nursery. I do it once a month and it's so fun!! Can we also talk about how the time change is stupid? Because it is. We need to stop that. If too have a small child then you know it's stupid. We woke up at six am instead of seven am. See, dumb!! Anyway!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week!

Here's some pics from our week. I did good with taking photos this week!

Hello to lunch dates with pretty girls. 

Hello to what I call pancake cookies. Paper thin deliciousness. Just how my husband always requests them. Basically just melt your butter beforehand!

Hello to the sweetest sleeping boy. I can't even fathom the idea of thinking about having another baby because this IS my baby. My one and only. My whole world. 

Hello to head pillows. 

Hello to date night. 

Hello to a sexy hubs. 

Hello to no sweets November. Yup no sweets for the whole month. Let's see if I can do this!

Hello to a new recipe. Chili skillet. Elbow pasta, ground beef, cheese, beans, jalapeƱos, and tomatos. So easy. 

Hello to the cutest smiling boy. 

Hello to my favorite store, hello to shopping, and hello to doing some serious damage. Madewell is my danger zone. 

Hello to my handsome Starbucks date. He was such a good boy while we did so much shopping so we stopped in for a quick bite halfway through. James even helped pick out some of daddy's birthday gifts and carried some bags for me. 

Hello to being really into monsters university. We bought it and James loved it!!

Hello to TRUTH. Stupid daylight savings time!!

Have an awesome week you guys! 

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