Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Post For New York

First off, some recent posts of mine on Baby Gizmo... Enjoy. 

And now for another cute outfit on James. I love how these Freshly Picked moccs match the pretzel and hot dog of the Piccolini shirt so well! And some Little Hipsqueaks is always a bonus! 

So even though James has never been to NY, I still feel like this tee is appropriate for him because I've been to NY.. Once. Years and years ago my friend was going to school in NY and I decided to spur of the moment hop a plane there for four days. It was the coldest week they had that year and we had a blast exploding the city. We saw four broadway musicals in four days- AMAZING! Anyway!! I digress... 

The weather has cooled WAY down which means we've been able to go to the playground much more often! We are counting our lucky stars that there is a playground within walking distance from us. 

^^ Mommy, peek!

^^ You can tell I take his picture a lot because he will randomly turn to face me and go- "Mommy, cheese!!!"  He made friends with two sweet little girls and I was so proud of how kind he was to them! And then this gem.. 

His exact words were- "Mommy, fly, Peter Pan!" 

Outfit Details- 

Tee- c/o  Piccolini NYC

Legging shorts- Little Hipsqueaks

Butterscotch Moccs- c/o Freshly Picked

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