Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ocean Waves

Wearing a simple outfit today! One of our favorite tees gifted to us from Prefresh paired with jean shorts and moccs! 

I've been buying a lot of Winter clothes for James and I am so excited to get him in them. The only problem is that it's just not cold enough yet! It's October and still totally shorts weather around here! I guess I can't complain too much.. I would take sunshine over rain any day!

I just think I'm a better me when it's colder. I run way more when it's not BLAZING HOT outside... I'm not cranky from the heat.. I'm fine staying at the playground way longer... You get the idea!

Hope it's colder where you are!! Onto some more pics-- I swear these don't look like late October pictures!! They look more like I took these this summer and forgot to post them.. But I promise I JUST took them. Only in Southern California. 

Outfit Details

Wave Hello Tee- c/o Prefresh

Jean Shorts- Old Navy

Red Rock Suede Moccs- c/o Freshly Picked


  1. He is seriously the happiest kid ever. :)

  2. Look at his little tummy, soo cute! Can't wait to have one of my own. :)