Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Monday Hello James

Hey friends! I hope you all had an amazing week last week! Our week was pretty great. A few highlights- my mom and dad came up to Pasadena to spend the day shopping on Colorado Blvd with us one day. On Thursday night James spent the night at my moms house and Friday she took him to Disneyland ALL DAY where he got spoiled rotten! It was a nice chance for Derek and I to get to spend all of Friday together! We spent the day shopping, getting Starbucks, eating lunch at Lemonade, and we saw Two Guns at the dollar theater. Saturday night we watched Goonies in the park down the street from our house which was really cool. I love that our neighborhood does such fun events. Sunday we spent the day at church and at night we went to my parents house. James and I hung there while my dad and husband went to the good ol' race track. All in all a pretty fabulous week!

The only low point was on Tuesday night where James came down with something and was up from 11pm-4am. Needless to say none of us got any sleep and I had to cancel all my Wednesday plans. He was in such good spirits all day though even though he wasn't feeling well. Made me check myself for being crabby when my two year old was so happy not feeling well and after no sleep. 

Here's some photos I snapped along the way. 

Hello to some afternoon water gun fun. 

Hello to baking dozens and dozens of cookies. I average about 12 dozen cookies a week. I'm always giving them out and my husband loves to take them to work to share with all the guys. 

Hello to my daily morning fuel. 

Hello to a date day with my husband. I don't always date, but when I do, I date my husband!

Hello to movie in the park night. James was sold when I told him Goonies had pirates in it. 

Hello to a cute boy ready for Sunday school and also hello to the Miley. Where the heck did James get this pose from?!

Also, hello to Homeland. Does anyone with it?! We just got Direc TV this week and we are loving have HBO, DVR and a million channels. We just started Homeland and we LOVE it. I've been staying up so late with my hubs to watch it!

Hope you all have a beautiful week ahead! 

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