Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY: Gold Plastic Animals

Oh hey, it's me again, your ever so crafty friend (not really). But I'm kind of on a DIY roll here and I LOVE it. Mostly I would just rather buy things already created for me, but sometimes said things don't exist so you have to create them yourself!

Am I the only one who trolls Pinterest with the search terms "plastic animals" ?!

I decided I needed some plastic animals in my life after I saw all the genius things you could do with these guys, I decided to spray paint them gold and put them on display in my house. 

Next time I would really like to try to cut these suckers in half and make magnets but I decided to go the easier route first. 

Supplies needed- 

Plastic animals. I chose a giraffe, elephant, and narwhal plus I got a bag of dinosaurs to do too. 

Rust-oleum Gold Metallic spray paint. 

Spray paint primer. 

I got everything from Amazon and was able to combine it all for free shipping which was nice. 

The large animals were about $7 each, the paints were $5 each and the bag of Dino's was about $10. I spent about $40 on this fun project all together. 

You could probably get the animals for cheaper if you just go to Target in the party aisle and get the little tube of tiny animals. I think they are $3.99. I really wanted larger animals though and the price still wasn't bad. 


-Prime your animals. Most likely you'll have to prime one side, let it dry, and then prime the other side. Priming is important because it prevents the gold paint from bubbling. It took me about 20 min each spray before the priming was dry and I could flip them and prime the other side. I used an old box and a pizza box to lay them in. 

-Spray paint your animals gold. Again, you'll probably have to do one side, let it dry, and then do the other side. 

I basically did two light coats back to back on each side within a minute of each other. Than I let them dry completely and repeated with a second back to back coat. Then I turned them all over and repeated. Make sense?

^^ Here's my animals after they were done being spray painted. 

Let them sit a good couple of hours before taking them inside and putting them on display! 

I ended up gifting some of these cool guys to some friends because I just had so so many. I think they are a fun and cool way to add some funk and life to ny room and they just look cool! 


  1. These are so awesome! I actually saw something similar in a wedding blog, the animals were holding up the place cards. I think they were covered in glitter. I fell in love. :)