Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Monday Hello James


Monday I had the whole day to myself while my mom watched James. I spent it at a ritzy salon getting pampered and it was amazing. 

Tuesday James and I started a story time at the library. It goes on every Tuesday and our city library is gorgeous. Seriously, like it makes all other libraries look like dumps. They only let 20 kids go so I was thrilled that I was able to get James in! We love free events like these! Only problem was, we left early because James was not a huge fan.. We may stick to just checking out books. After that we went to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins and spent the rest of the day decorating them. 

Wednesday we met my cousin who moved to Hollywood recently for lunch, got some errands done and did a playground trip. 

Thursday James and I went over to my friends house for brunch. I brought some yummy pumpkin bread.  Hopefully you caught the recipe for it that I posted last week and made some for yourself! 

Friday James and I spent the day at my parents house and got working on his Halloween costume. At night we went with some good friends to an annual Harvest Festival. There were hayrides and pony rides, candy, food, pumpkins, carnival games, face painting, giant slides and bounce houses. Thankfully my mom and I finished his costume on time so jr could wear it. You guys are going to die when I show you on my Halloween post on Friday! 

Saturday was our relax day. Well, kind of. Derek had his monthly class so James and I spent the day doing some errands and went to the park. 

Sunday we spent the day at church and the rest of the day in our pajamas. James and I didn't feel too hot yesterday so we carved pumpkins, watched movies, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Basically just fun lazy stuff!

Anyway, here are some photos I took-

Hello to my sweet sweet boys. This picture melts my heart into a big ol' puddle of mush. 

Hello to our public library. It's kind of pretty. We made it through half of story time and then James started doing somersaults which apparently is frowned upon. Maybe next week will be better. 

Hello to some pretty pumpkin coloring from my little artist. 

Hello to baby and puppy cuddling. These two were out cold. 

Hello to funny faces. 

Hello to some fun changes. I thought I should give my hair a little rest with Fall and Winter approaching so I went from blonde to bronde. I'm really liking it!

Hello to play dates. 

Hello to Halloween baking. My favorite. 

Hello to Sunday school. This is the first time we had to stay in with James because he sobbed when we left. I think he is coming down with a cold or something and maybe that's why. Oh and those are Cheetos he's eating. Not play dough.

Hello to roasting pumpkin seeds for the first time. 

Hello to poop and football. 

Have a fantastic week everyone and enjoy Halloween!!

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