Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Tour

I was going to break my home tour into a different post for each room but I thought that might get boring real quick plus since I'm taking December off I really didn't have time for that- so today you are getting one big jumbo house tour! 

We've been in our home for almost three months and while I know I will always add things, I can confidently say that our home is complete. 

I've gathered together lots of photos that show off my favorite parts of the house. 

I've spent a lot of time moving furniture, doing DIY projects, decorating, and making everything the way I want it. During that process I realized that this is a never ending, ongoing process which will probably never be complete. That's because I will probably always be changing things and adding to this house. 

We rent our house and one thing I'm really looking forward to when we buy next year is PAINTING! Besides that I had total control on what I wanted to do with this space. No, this is not the coolest space you'll ever see and no it would never make it into a magazine like some of these AMAZING houses I see on Pinterest, but it's mine and I love it none the less. 

I've never really been too creative but I've been trying to put on that hat lately as I've  complete a total of FIVE do it yourself projects (which is a LOT for me). 

So many times I get envious of other people's homes when I see them online because WOW they are so nice. It's like every little corner is just perfect. Comparison is hard, and I try not to do it because when I get sucked into that mindset, it spirals out of control. I start thinking "my home isn't good enough" "my clothes aren't good enough" "I'm not good enough" and that's just not so. 

We feel so so richly blessed to call this house our home. We think God hand picked it just for us. The timing was perfect, the space is more than we need, and we feel blessed that we have a space big enough to host lots of people over at a time for church and get togethers. When we realized that our church may need a bigger space to hold mid week gatherings in the future, we felt called to offer up our space. God knew all along that this house should be ours and his, too. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and taking a little peek into where we live. I've been really excited to share. 

Living room- 

Dining room- 

James' room- 

Our room- 

The kitchen- 

^^ That is a really old picture of my grandma Erlene who passed away 12 years ago working at an old 50's coffee shop. It's so special to me so I wanted to point it out. 

There's a few other rooms and yes we do have bathrooms but like I said, I just wanted to showcase SOME of our home. 

Thanks for letting me share!

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