Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New 'Do

Today we're talking hair. I used to have a gorgeous head of platinum blonde hair. See for your yourself...

Then I found out I was pregnant and I decided to dye my hair back to my natural hair color so I wouldn't have to fuss with all the chemicals and everything. You know how everyone says your hair is amazing when pregnant? False. At least for me it was false. My hair was literally falling out. It got bad enough that I decided enough was enough and I chopped it all in a pixie cut. My husband hated it. He still expresses his hatred of it to this day. It's been two years and my hair has finally grown out... 

It's getting longer and it's so super healthy. Thank God. But something is missing... My blonde hair! Everyday I look at my hair and realize even though it's natural, it's just not ME! 

So what do I do? Start searching Pinterest like a mad woman until I have about 100 images of Julianne Hough saved in my camera. She is such a babe! 

Then I send said images to my friend who used to do my hair and still works in a salon and tell her she needs to book me immediately. I was a little nervous to chop my locks but my hair had some wonky layers that needed to be cut and the thought of bleach damaging my hair made me nervous until I remembered how well my hair always held up before. So it's not going to be as easy as being natural and never having to go to the hair salon but where's the excitement in that?

To be honest, I'm really brave when it comes to hair. I cut a pixie for goodness sakes! I have always had the- "it's just hair attitude" it will grow back! Also, I think there's a stereotype out there that women should have long hair and that long hair is "better" and I hate that. I know gorgeous women with long hair but I also know gorgeous women with short hair. I've always felt more liberated with short hair. 

I wanted to get as blonde as I could and I wanted my hair to be the same sort of style as Julianne's only I have bangs I'm growing out and I wanted it just a smidge longer than hers. 

I am SUPER happy with the results. I feel more like me, I feel fun, I feel fabulous. It's perfect for summer, too! Isn't it crazy what a new cut and color can do for you? I know it's pathetic but I was feeling so down on my hair and I feel like a while new, better me. 

So (drum roll please...) 

Next time I will be getting a blonde weave on top to add some more dimensions and platinum pieces but I am so happy with how it turned out and can't believe how blonde she got me in one sitting!

Happy Saturday all!


  1. I love the blonde! You definitely rock it

  2. First of all I think your pixie cut was adorable. Secondly I love Julianne Hough, she's gorgeous and you definitely chose a good model! And finally I love the new 'do! I am not a natural blonde but I've been that way for so long I can't imagine anything else!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. I love your blonde! I was blonde for so long too that it seemed like my natural and everyone thought it was. I've missed it so much!!!