Friday, May 17, 2013

Disney, We're Available

I'm thinking maybe if I eventually post enough Disney posts, a Disney rep will contact me and book James for something. Disney, James is fully available for all commercials and movies. You're welcome. I mean, look at these "head shots". The kid has posing down crazy good and you know you'd watch a commercial if James' sweet face was in it.

We went to Disneyland this week and had the best day. One of those perfect Disney days where the weather is cool, the park is empty, and the characters are plenty. 

I've always loved Disneyland, but I think I love it even more now that I'm a mom. Seeing things through James' eyes makes everything so much more magical. 

^^ James spent a good half hour running around the park with his arms up in the air chasing bubbles. This kid lives quite the life I tell ya. 

^^ I let James choose any candy he wanted from a HUGE candy store in the park and he chose the yuckiest one.. A marshmallow stick shaped like Tigger's tail. Maybe he did that so his mom and grandma wouldn't steal any. Smart kid.

^^ What do you mean there aren't anymore characters to see?!!!

I'm so thankful that I'm surrounded by fun things to do and amazing places to take my son. 

We've been having a really nice week down here with my family. My husband and I were able to sneak a couple day dates in to go out to lunch and see The Great Gatsby. I took James to a little kids gymnastics play class. He was more interested in running around like a wild man and didn't care for any parts that involved sitting down and listening. We've done some good shopping and gotten to see all our family. I hope your weeks have been equally as nice! 

Outfit details- 

Shirt- Target

Leggings- Jennifer Ann
I wanted to post a close up of the amazing leggings James is wearing so you can see that his name is written all over them! You can choose the font and the colors and obviously the name, too. Jennifer does sweet matching blanket sets, too!

Moccasins- Metallic blue sapphire c/o Fresly Picked
Follow Freshly Picked on Facebook and Instagram to get all the details on their huge upcoming sale!!

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TGIF! I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned. Thanks for reading!


  1. So funny, when I first saw this in my feed I thought it might be a weird duplicate post or something... you do have a lot of photos with him and Disney characters! Can't go wrong with Disney, though! :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Haha ugh I feel bad for always posting Disney related things but its the best way to get great posed pics of James. When else will he hold still for me!?! Haha

  2. I hope Disney listens :) I was quite the opposite, my parents took my to Disney World when I was 3 and Mickey Mouse stopped to give me a hug and I screamed, ran behind my dad and hid.

    1. Haha!! So funny. You were not alone. Most kids I see who are fairly young are very scared of the characters! James has loved them from day 1

  3. This is so awesome! Looks like he had a fantastic time!

  4. Awww James looks adorable!

    Great blog!

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    Enter here

  5. Stopping by from the WKWW link up. :) Those leggings are awesome and your little dude is rocking them so well!! I also love those Freshly Picked Moccasins! Such a cutie! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Hope to see more of you around here

  6. I'm telling you, you're definitely inspiring some Disney lust over here :) Your son's adorable, love those leggings!

  7. He seems to be having so much fun! Very cool leggings!

    -Hannah Avery

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I try to do fun things for James every day :)

  8. How fun would it be if they did contact you? I have thought before that those characters and the employees have got to know you personally at this point! James is styling as usual. Thanks for always linking up!