Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Lou

It's high time I share more about my dog with you all. I never really had pets growing up but always wanted a dog. As soon as my husband and I were married, I started harassing him (nicely) to buy me a puppy. I even made sure we ONLY looked at pet friendly apartments when we were engaged so that it would better my chance of getting a pup.

A few months after we got married I began my search. I knew I wanted a shih tzu. Every shih tzu I had ever met was the nicest most quiet dog not to mention the fact that they are so darn adorable. Lou was actually the FIRST dog I looked at. It was love at first sight. I kept looking but I knew that Lou was my meant to be mine. And sure enough, he was.

We took Lou home on January 2nd, 2010 and have loved him to bits ever since. Of course he went through the puppy phase which included pee all over our first apartment as well as all of our first furniture being completely chewed up. Sweet Lou is THEE best dog now. He is potty trained to go on a pee pad, he loves to cuddle, he never barks except one small bark if someone knocks on my door to alert me, and he puts up with James every day which qualifies him for sainthood as far as I'm concerned.

Sweet Lou loves food of any kind but would choose ground beef and peanut butter if he had full access to the pantry. He loves to be outside and loves walks, adores meeting new dogs at the dog parks, and wouldn't hurt a fly. He sleeps at the foot of our bed, and brings us so much happiness and joy.

Since bringing Sweet Lou home I have become such an animal lover. I would love to one day volunteer my time at a local shelter and I look forward to the day when we can rescue a dog or two from the pound. I thank Sweet Lou for opening my eyes to all that needs to be done in this world to help save the lives of so many helpless animals and I thank him for putting so much more love and compassion in my heart.

Sweet Lou, you are my bestie and I will love and take care of you forever!!

I've gathered together some of my most favorite photos of Lou for your viewing pleasure. He really is the cutest pup.


  1. Oh my gosh, he's adorable! I love the photo of him in the stroller, LOL. My husband and I are thinking of getting a dog as well but we can't decide if we want to do it now or after we have kids... I'm thinking after, because I would hate to fall in love with the dog and then start neglecting it once we have tiny humans. :-)

    1. Def understand that. I knew I wanted a dog first.. We then had plenty of time to train Lou before James came. And I still take Lou on his daily walks and he's spoiled rotten. Now James adores him and always wants to help take care of Lou. I want another dog but layer on when I have more time. If you wait til after kids to get one wait til the kids are at least two or so so it's easier :)