Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips For Maintaining Platinum Hair

I know I JUST went platinum blonde, but the truth is, I've been platinum blonde for 9 years with a two year break. I definitely know a thing or two about platinum.

I recently decided I was tired of my drab natural hair and went platinum again...

^^^ This is me now. Today I want to talk about some basic tips I have for getting platinum hair and keeping it! 

Going platinum- 

1. GO TO A HAIR SALON! I think bleaching is scary business that should be left in the hands of a professional. I'm very daring when it comes to my hair but bleaching is just not something I recommend doing yourself. 

2. It's always easier to work with virgin hair. Getting your hair to platinum will be much easier to achieve if your hair hasn't already previously been colored. 

3. Depending on your current hair color, it may take several go's. My hair specialist bleached my entire head and then toned it. The result was a little too yellow for my liking. I went back one week later and she re-bleached me and re-toned. The result was perfection. You may need to wait longer than one week to re-bleach. My hair was virgin and extremely healthy to begin with. 

4. TONE! This is critical. Toner will get all those unwanted brassy tones out of your hair and should be left on anywhere from 5-20 minutes. 

5.  Never overlap. When you touch up your hair every 4 weeks or so, make sure only your roots are getting bleached and never any other part of your already bleached hair. 

Maintaining platinum- 

It's all about the products. I use a handful of awesome products that are amazing! I think every blonde needs all of these. 

Purple shampoo and conditioner! Purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from yellow, meaning that a purple shampoo or conditioner will help eliminate any brassy tones that blondes tend to get between hair appointments. 

Every day I use a purple shampoo called Silver Shine from a little cheap salon called Master Cuts. I don't get my hair done by them but I swear by their silver shine purple shampoo. Check to see if there's a salon near you, they have them everywhere. This stuff keeps my hair bright and blonde and isn't drying or too strong so you can use it EVERY DAY.

Once a week I use Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo. This purple shampoo is really strong and will tone the heck out of your hair so I only do it once a week. If you leave it on too long it will seriously turn your hair lavender so be careful. If you used it daily you would legitly  probably have purple hair. It is really amazing, though and is perfect for getting your hair super BRIGHT and blonde. You can buy Shimmer Lights Shampoo HERE.

Normally I just shampoo with this once a week like you would normally with any shampoo. My hair lady recommended I leave it on my ends for 30 minutes right after I got home from bleaching and toning the second time to continue the toning process and it worked like a charm. Do this if you want extra toning. 

Just apply the shampoo directly to your dry hair and leave it on for 30-40 min, then rinse. Again, only put it on pieces you want to tone down. 

John Frieda makes a purple conditioner called Color Renew Tone Restoring Conditioner. I just ordered it online after reading wonderful reviews so I'm excited to check it out. You can buy the John Frieda Conditioner HERE.

It's A 10 Leave in Spray is what I use for a leave in conditioner. You only need a few sprays and it really helps condition your hair. Grab some It's A 10 Leave In Spray HERE.

Rusk makes a great product called Deep Shine Lustre. It is also a leave in that makes blonde hair so silky and shiny while keeping it healthy. Buy Rusk Leave In HERE.

Here are a few more purple/blue shampoos that have been recommended to me but ones I have NOT personally tried yet. 

A few other tips-

Try to avoid heat products whenever possible. 
Make sure to visit the salon for root touch ups and a monthly toner every four weeks or so. 
Condition, condition, condition!!
Wash your hair less frequently. 

I hope these tips gave some of you hopeful platinums some good advice and  if you're already a stunning blonde, be sure to leave any additional tips you have or blonde products you love in a comment below!! 


  1. Your hair looks fantastic! I could never afford the upkeep of platinum blonde, but I wish I could! One time I did a foil that was way too light and just ended up looking trashy with super dark roots... I won't make that mistake again!

    1. Well I actually get a great deal because once I found my hair lady we became friends so she somewhat hooks me up... And doing just my roots is actually cheaper than the whole weave and foil process... I started with just highlights when I first went platinum but I'm all or nothing so I like it allll platinum haha.

      I love your blonde, you're gorgeous!

  2. Love the blonde hair!! I was blonde for a few years but I did it myself and it looked horrible! (although at the time I thought it looked great!) I even made a post about it last week for Throwback Thursday. Thanks for the tips, I'll keep these in mind if I ever go blonde again.

    xo, rachael

    1. Just checked it out!!! I love your hair now. Though the blonde pics looked good too!! You could pull off anything bet