Thursday, May 9, 2013


I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but it is getting HOT over here. Mid 90's hot. I'm having flashbacks of summer in Bakersfield last year where I was sweating at 8am and had to wait to take my daily jog at 8pm so I didn't melt. I'm much more of a winter/spring/fall any season except summer kind of girl. I bought literally 30 new sweaters this winter and I'm not ready to put them away yet!! 

Because I love to shop and because it's getting so hot, I've been shopping for some good transition pieces that will help ease me into the summer. 

My style is always changing and evolving but I seem to always stick to the oversized, hippie, boho vibe of Free People. Loose clothing just always looks better on my slim figure. I throw in some preppy J Crew sweaters now and then for fun, too but this summer is going to be all about big tees and destroyed denim. I am just all about oversized tees right now and hippie anything. Maybe it's because I'm the opposite of a laid back person so I try to compensate for my lack of it with the clothes I wear?!

I should note that recently I've been making pricey purchases because I consider them investment pieces. Meaning they aren't going to rip or pile or get donated in one week. They are going to stay in my closet for the long haul. I've also NEVER in my life purchased a designer pair of jeans. Always Target $20 jeans. But again, they haven't been lasting me or fitting me right so I thought my closet deserved a nice pair. So while the perfect pieces I listed come with a price tag, that's why they're perfect.

So below is a list of some of my many recent purchases because I think they're really good. The perfect pair of destroyed denim, the perfect dress, the perfect tee, the perfect everything. 

Happy shopping! 

The perfect pair of denim. 

The perfect hi-low tee.

The perfect summer dress. 

The perfect basic tees here and here

The perfect color blocked tee.

The perfect necklace. I bought the black and white mixed one. 

The perfect ankle sandals. 

The perfect wrap bracelet. I get all my custom jewelry from Amanda after hearing about her from my friend Sophie She does the wrap bracelets in any color wrap with any name on the gold plate. We just had one made for my mother in law's birthday that has three gold plates with the names of her grand kids and I got one made for myself with James' name on it. She also does really cool ones with initial charms and I've got one of those, too. 

Have a perfect purchase lately?! Leave the link and let me know! If you've found the perfect heel-less boot or the perfect neon flat, please let me know! Those are two items my wardrobe is lacking!


  1. Sorry I don't have any perfect items to share... I'm not a huge shopper. BUT, I'm leaving cloudy Seattle in a few hours to head down to fabulous LAS VEGAS, and I cannot wait for 90 degree weather!

  2. I'm really into the oversized tops and distressed denim too. I'm bigger in my midsection so I just think oversized is more flattering on me.

  3. Loving your picks! Thanks for sharing!!