Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peter Pan, Swords, And Suspenders

This past weekend my sister and her cheer team performed at the arthritis walk at UCI (University of California, Irvine). Between my sister and I we have ten years of cheer under our belts and its weird to think that this week is cheer try outs and she is done. 

^^ James and his tee tee aka auntie. 

We wanted to drive out to the event because 1. It was one of the last times my sis will be performing and 2. She is the smartest thing EVER and got a full ride to UCI next year so we wanted to check out her future campus!

James had the BEST time. And yes, he insists on wearing his Peter Pan hat everywhere. Even to places other than Disneyland. Clearly, if you own a Peter Pan hat, you wear it. Every darn day. 

This event was pretty cool. They had all kinds of free food and coffee, cotton candy and popcorn, face painting, clowns, bounce houses, and James' favorite- a man making balloons who made him not one, but TWO balloon swords that he was thrilled with! They even had free massages from the great people at Massage Envy. Yes, please. 

My kid was quite the little cutie and got stopped by a million people gawking over how sweet he was in his Peter Pan hat. He's the unique one, this child of mine. 

Outfit details- 

Tank- American Apparel
Suspenders- H&M 
Sandals- Salt Waters


  1. OMG his outfit, his outfit! Hands down my favorite one yet, every little bit about it. The sandals, the rolled up jean shorts, the suspenders, and obvi the Peter Pan hat should be worn with every single outfit from now on... Love it! :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Thank you!! I have so much fun dressing him. Too much fun that I end up buying way too much. Haha.