Monday, May 27, 2013

These Are The Moments

Having a child is the biggest blessing in the whole world. While I have been richly blessed by God in thousands more ways than I can count, James is by far my biggest blessing. 

I'm tearing up just writing this post. Because I know how fleeting this time is. I know these moments won't last forever. Once you have a child, you become aware of just how precious time is. How invaluable it is. And you wish you could slow it down. But you can't. 

You see, these are the moments. These small trips to the playground. Your daily walk pushing your baby in the stroller. These are the moments you will long for when you grow old. 

The times that James comes up and throws his arms around my neck, when he brings me a book and whispers quietly, "mommy, book?", the cuddles, the kisses, and the small silly things that seem so mundane... Those are the things I will miss most when he's grown and my baby is gone and replaced with a grown man much taller than me. 

Having James was the best thing to ever happen to me. Each new stage is so much fun. Sometimes I remember when he was just a newborn and it's almost like it was just a dream... It seems so long ago.. While I do miss him being that tiny sometimes, I live in the here and now and I enjoy each new stage. Living in the present is key when you have kids. You don't want to look back to much or you will get depressed and you don't want to look ahead too much either or you'll get too worried. Enjoying the moment you're in and being content is important. 

Every stage is so much fun. James talking and hearing his sweet voice is a blessing. Watching him at the playground is a blast. I am fully enjoying age 2 and I know I will enjoy each year of his life and look back with fondness of each memory we made together. 

Outfit details- 

Shirt- Hello Apparel
Shorts- Currently at Target
Sandals- Salt Waters. We got him some new ones, these are the dark brown. 

Happy Memorial Day to all! I'm so excited because my family is driving up to Bakersfield to spend the day with us! I made homemade Mac and cheese and just put a pot roast in the crock pot. James and I spent yesterday baking all kinds of cookies together and cleaning the house. My husband is off work and I can't wait to have everyone together today eating, swimming, and lounging! Enjoy your day!


  1. Awww! I can see your love for him in every word of this post! He's blessed to have you, too!

  2. It's so great that you take the time to document and enjoy these little moments, because they really are what makes life worth living! Glad you had a great Memorial Day!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  3. I agree! Time is so fleeting! My daughter's 2 also and it seems as if I just blinked and she grew into such a lady with a big personality. Love your sons t- shirt, too! :)

  4. Yes,I totally agree that you have to live in the present with your children. It does help to look ahead sometimes, to be able to remember that it won't always be like this, and you better love their little years,because they are fleeting. I love James' arrow tee!


    1. Thanks for those sweet words, I'm glad you agree!!