Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Said Pink Was For Girls?

Pink doesn't hold me back from buying it for James. If its cute, I buy it and James wears it. I've always thought it was silly to put labels on colors and my boy rocks pink!

When I put James in pink or another so called "girly" color, I make sure to pair it with an obvious boy pant like denim! 

^^^ James has been going sans shoes for all walks in the stroller and outdoor adventuring in grandpa and grandmas backyard. With summer approaching and the warm weather upon us, mommy says that's okay. 

Sadly we are back home in Bakersfield now. I say sadly because I really love visiting my family so much. My sweet mom watched James for a few hours every single day when I was down so that I could do fun things like get brunch with friends, do solo shopping trips, and get my hair done! Bless her. It's so nice having family close and it's something that should not be taken for granted! 

Maybe I should clarify because it can be confusing... I am born and raised in La county (boarder of OC) but for the past two years we've been moving to different parts of CA for my husbands job. Currently in Bakersfield. We will be done with the moving next year (thank god) and finally relocating permanently back in Orange County where we'll buy a house. Hopefully a duplex with my parents. No joke. That's how close I want to be to them!! LOVE THEM! 

Now that this post just got so off topic lets wrap it up with some simple outfit details shall we?

Outfit details- 

Black jeans are Shawn White for Target and tee is also from Target for just $5! I think this ensemble cost me a total of $15! 

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading friends!


  1. Real men totally wear pink! Plus I really like the tie dyed pattern.

    Sarah @ Life As Always