Friday, May 3, 2013

The Killers Concert

So I may or may not have been a total Killers fan girl between the ages of 18-21. By fan girl, I mean that my friends and I camped outside of all their shows really early so we could be in the front row, we had shirts professionally hand screened with creative sayings on them for each show, and we were all around die hard fans.

True story #1- On the first concert we ever went to, we made the COOLEST shirts. We tossed them on stage after. Don't worry, we had layers! During the next show (they had two shows that night) the band members wore our shirts. Amazing right?

True story #2- At one of their concerts in Long Beach, CA.. We met their photographer. He was in a bind and needed someone to randomly drive him to a camera store to pick up equipment for the show. The tour bus wouldn't take him. My friend and I volunteered. He gave us back stage passes in return and we got to meet all the guys, take pictures with them, and get their autographs and all that.

I could go on and on and onnnnn.. But I won't. Let's just say that The Killers hold a very special place in my heart. I LOVE them. Brandon Flowers' lyrics speak straight to my soul. That's the best way to describe it. And thinking about The Killers takes me back to a certain time in my life. A time of being young and carefree. A time where I had just graduated college and didn't really know what I was doing. I was happy. I was eager to grow up. I was fun. Listening to a song by The Killers takes me back. And that makes me happy.

My husband knows what a fan I am and knows that I haven't been able to go to a show in over three years. The thing is, I did grow up. I got married and I had a baby. I moved. And waiting for hours and hours before a show, camped out just isn't a possibility anymore. But Derek is amazing and surprised me with tickets to see them! He knew I would be in LA visiting my family while they were playing at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and he even drove down from Bakersfield just in time to take me.

Since I'm not 19 anymore, we got there last night right when the show started at 9pm. We are all sick with a cold so I was planning on staying in my pajamas and relaxing all day up til the show until my dad told me he noticed there was a screw in my tire... Luckily I was able to quickly drop my car off at the dealership for a new tire change over night and I can pick it up this afternoon. So happy my dad noticed it or I could have run into major problems driving all the way home with a screw in my tire about to pop!

Anyway... A little about the show last night. It was just AMAZING and brought me so much joy. Even though I didn't feel all that well, the pure adrenaline you get at one of their shows cures all. We had general admission tickets meaning we got to be right on the floor.. We just stood in the very back where we had plenty of space and were able to just take everything in without being so claustrophobic. Like I said before, we used to camp out for HOURS to be in the front row... This was a different, more mellow experience but then again, I'm a different much more mellow person than I was 8 years ago. Thank God.

Of course I had a silly list in my head of songs I hoped they would cover. While I love all of their songs, I definitely love some much more than others. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine and All These Things That I've done are my favorites from Hot Fuss. Read My Mind and Sams Town are my favorites from Sams Town. Human and Neon Tiger are my picks from their third album Day And Age, and Battle Born is my JAMMMMMM from their current album with the same title. I was lucky and they played almost all of those songs plus did amazing covers of The Beach Boys' California girls and Tiffany's I think we're alone now.

Overall I had an amazing time! My husband and I aren't used to staying up so late... The Killers didn't even take the stage until past ten, but it was definitely worth it!!

I can tell you one thing, I sure am paying for it today. I am sick, have never been this tired and all around feel like I've been hit by a bus. But that's the price you pay I guess!! I am going to be drinking coffee and lounging all day! Tomorrow hopefully we will all be rested and will be heading home to Bakersfield.

Here are some iPhone quality photos I took of the concert. First, some self shots of my husband and I because 1. we had time to kill and 2. it's not often we get a date night like this!

We're somebody's parents!!  Looking at the picture below makes me think that. Sometimes I have those moments where I'm like, OMG... I'm a mom!

And here are some shots of the show... They had so many cool effects, lighting, and neat props. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's really hard to get a good shot when it's dark and you're in the back, but I still like the photos. I will have to share the videos I got at some point, they turned out AMAZING.

Thanks for letting me gush! I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh I was always a HUGE Killers fan, too! Glad you had a great time at the concert!