Monday, May 6, 2013

My Boys

One thing I always dread is the drive back to Bakersfield after being by my family for so long. Besides missing them, the day we arrive home is always packed full of boring things like grocery shopping, errands, and unpacking. We go back and forth between home, "home", and hotels so as you can probably guess, I do a lot of packing and unpacking.

We decided to make the day a little more fun by throwing in a little adventure. James and I went on a frozen yogurt date where I bought and he ate, we made a quick stop at Target to buy James a new swimming suit because its hitting the 100's this week sadly, and James and Daddy went swimming in our pool while I got the rest of our errands done.

Check out these two cuties below...

^^^James is getting so good at posing. He also likes to do funny faces which is adorable.

^^^ And that would be my little handsome gentleman being good as gold at the Fro Yo shop. He picked his own mix of chocolate with M&M's and one single blackberry on top. Interesting.

Happy Monday, I hope the start of your week has gone off with a nice bang.

Outfit Details-

Shirt- American Apparel

Jean Short Suspenders- H&M

Sandals- Salt Waters


  1. Aw, adorable photos, I love James' suspenders! I'm jealous of the hot weather you've been having!

    1. It's been too hot though... Like 90s hot.. I'm anxious to go back to visit my family this weekend because its 70 and perfect there!!!

      The suspenders kill me. They are my new fav!